We love our cats… will you take them?

Kerrigan & CharlieWhat if they could use a toilet?

That’s right! A toilet! I know… ridiculous isn’t it? But pure awesome all at the same time!!

We’ve been on the hunt to find a solution to one of our main concerns for our big trip. What are we going to do with our cats?

Sounds easy. All we need to do is ask one of our fabulous family members or stellar friends to take them into their loving abode. We have asked a few great people we know, but have yet to find the perfect match… or someone that is really 100% excited to take them in. Lots and lots of maybes.

Our cats are great. We have the little and sweet Kerrigan. She is a typical girl. She likes to talk, be around company, but don’t come into her space unless she chooses too come into yours. She won’t hurt you. She is the sweetest thing! She just doesn’t like to be picked up. She goes all stiff and makes a fuss. Her favorite things her string that she drags around with her, soft thing and warm laps. But I warn you she is a black belt master in the art of Cute-Fu!

Then we have the infamous Charlie. Everyone loves Charlie! You can’t help but to love him. He is quite the personality. Basically he thinks he runs the joint and tries to remind you of this by licking you or other random as a annoyance factor, take over your side of the bed, step on your balls, and knock small things off the side of tables and counters. He can actually be quite a little bastard sometimes… but in that cute lovable “aww” kind of way. Basically he is pure and simple a straight out cat. Or as our friend would say “Charlie, you are such a F***ing cat!” Charlie is also knocking on the door to becoming a senior. But don’t tell him that!

They are indoor cats as we have lived in higher then the first floor type dwellings for the past several years. They get access to the balcony but that is it. This is one reason it’s being a little hard to find a temporary home for them. Family that is offering is saying they can’t stop the cats from going outside to the big big world and/or won’t deal with a litter box.

So it begins..

Thus, we have decided to potty train our cats. One less thing to deal with for whoever that takes them into their loving home for us while we are gallivanting across the globe and also for us. Ok, Ok… I’ll be honest… for Scott. He is the one that cleans the litter. I barely touch it! None the less… I doubt ether of us will be interested in dealing with kitty poop after a year of not… but instead we will probably be dealing the worst toilets, squatters, outhouses, and make shift holes we have ever seen or experience! Why are we going again?

Anyways, we invested in a product called LITTER KWITTER that will help aid in the potty training for our cats. We shall document the trials and tribulations of the training here.

Wish Charlie and Kerrigan (AND US!) luck!

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