10 Travel Blogs We Give Two Thumbs Up


Here’s a list of our Top 10 Travel blogs that we follow and inspire us

1. The World is Not Flat (TWINF)
This blog was our original inspiration two years ago to finally start setting our dream into motion and to blog about it. It was the first travel blog we had ever come across and we got hooked into the idea that we started thinking, why can’t we do that?  Huge thanks out to twinf for sharing their adventures and inspiring us!!

2. Us vs. The World
A travel blog network that is being created by a girl who has a blog called Brooke vs. The World for her own travels. Now she is offering a site to share tips to other travelers and offer a place to host your own blog on the site. We think this a fantastic idea and a great way to keep us travelers connected! Way to go Brooke!

3. Stuck in Customs
Stated as the #1 Travel Photography site on the net and most popular for his HDR photography. The first time we ever saw a HDR photo was from this site and ever since have wanted to give this neat technique a try ourselves. The site is filled with amazing photos and even tutorials on how to acheive HDR yourself. We have yet to give it a try but hope to during our travels!

4. Thai Blogs.com
A  bunch of different Thailand bloggers submit their posts to this site. Posts are more about Thailands culture, locals, and traditions then just your general first hand backpackers experience story. Most writers we beleive actually live in Thailand. Our favorite posts on this site are the ones about the food of Thailand. From breakfast to dessert, how it’s made, whats in it, and even down to the cost and taste.

5. A Travel Around The World
A couple from London who are currently traveling the world now. We are finding their posts both intriguing and informative. Most entries have a list of very helpful tips at the bottom.

6. Lives of Wander
Another couple who are currently in Africa and have recently inspired us with some great tips on how to experience a Safari without handing over thousands of dollars. We look forward to reading their upcoming entries as they travel even more through Africa.

7. Where are Liz & Adrian?
A couple from Toronto, Ontario who have been traveling for just about a month now.

8. Forks & Jets
A great looking site created by “A couple of amateur foodie traveloguers going around the world”

9. One Giant Step
Another Canadian couple from Victoria B.C who look like will be leaving for their trip in June. Currently posting their trip preparations which have been very informative and helpful for our own preparations.

10. Bubbles & Bugs
We’ve mention them once on our site already as we found about a great flickr plugin from reading their site. They recently got back home from their trip with lots of scuba-diving adventures.

Here is one more late entry that we recently found after posting this list.

11. Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site
A great site filled with awesome tips, stories, photos, video, links and more by Matt and guest writers. Matt quit his job in 2006 and has been traveling ever since! A great inspiration to us all!

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