3 Times We Felt Like Kings & Queens


Living like King’s and Queen’s in Baden Baden, Sun and Bass on the island of Sardina, and Oktoberfest!

Five unexpected inspirations for our travels, past and future!

Five unexpected inspirations for our travels, past and future! One of the questions we are most frequently asked when people ask us about our travels is: “what inspired you to go here/there?” It’s a very good question, and sometimes, we have to admit, we’ve been stumped. The truth is, we’ve been on some pretty wild […]

#throwbackthursday Banksy – The power of a big gold frame.

Banksy Gold Frame

Banksy is in the news with his 31 day take over of New York City. We ran into one of his projects in August 2009 when he took over The Bristol Museum. Banksy quote – “Never under estimate the power of a big gold frame”

Our 7 Links you might not know about

Check out 7 links from our site you may be interested to read!

Photos of how Hoi An, Vietnam Lights up the night

Hoi An, at night, is a magical place that I would love to experience again. The old town’s beautiful and romantic winding cobble stone lanes and amazing heritage style architecture is perfectly accentuated by the many lanterns that light up the streets. If you haven’t been, you really should check it out!

Oktoberfest – The worlds greatest party?

I read on Matt’s facebook that he was headed out to Oktoberfest in Munich and I became jealous. Two years ago Dee, Karen, Steve and I went to Munich and Oktoberfest. What an amazing time wearing out our drinking arms and holding onto our hats through the 5 loops of the rollercoaster. I had some of the best food there, pulled wild boar on a bun and goose with dumplings. The Germans know how to eat, drink and party!

5 travel diseases your most likely to meet on the road

The website for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reads like a horror story for prospective globe trotters.

Anything from Chikungunya Fever to Schistosomiasis could put you on the sidelines (or worse) when you venture out into the world. Of course, with some simple preventative actions – up-to-date vaccinations; maintaining proper sanitary conditions; or even paying attention to what you touch, eat, smell, etc. – most travelers enjoy good health as they explore foreign lands.

Tips from a woman for shopping in Hoi An, Vietnam for custom tailored clothes

Maybe I shouldn’t of gotten myself so excited for Hoi An. It just lead me to disappointment. Can you believe that!?! Yes, I was even disappointed while shopping for custom tailored clothing! What is wrong with me?

To avoid being disappointed yourself. Here are my tips I wish I knew before I got there.

Why you should attend the Vancouver Folk Music Festival 2011


The Vancouver Folk Music Festival is on July 15-17 located on Jericho Beach Park. If your in the city and like to have a good time you should defiantly attend. Here are our reasons why.

Top 10 Reasons why TBEX 2011 Sucked

Top 10 reasons why TBEX 11 Vancouver sucked!

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